All That Glitters

Sahara West Library
Opening July 17th
Solo Exhibition

On a hot summer day in the Mojave Desert, heat waves on the horizon sparkle like a sea of sand. I have spent many years in this magical location, making work that brings attention to all its beauty and whimsy. It is the hottest place on earth, yet a marvel of life. The landscape quickly changes from the mountain peaks of sky islands to vast desert before transforming as it meets the Colorado River. The creatures that reside in this environment are masters of conservation–their bodies cleverly adapted to maximize every drop of water encountered. Plants are filled with prickles and spines to warn predators away. Most animals burrow underground during the day, waiting for cool night temperatures to emerge. To catch a glimpse of a desert tortoise, a tarantula, or a cactus flower is like discovering treasure. Not everyone is so lucky to see these gems in the wild.

As more desert and public land becomes threatened, the risk of losing the magic of the wild becomes much more real. Protecting these lands and all the life within them is essential for their preservation. The future is dependent on today’s conservation. The more we learn about the flora and fauna around us, the more we see value in them. Hundreds of millions of years of evolution has created wonder in the sparkling sands of the desert. It may not be gold, but in my eyes, it certainly glitters.