Zap 8

April 23, 2016
Clark County Public Art

I designed my Zap boxes by combining elements of scientific illustration and Victorian era wallpaper. I chose to go with two desert creatures, Gila monster and Roadrunner, and one cactus, the Beavertail. Nevada was made a state during the decorative Victorian period and I wanted to reflect that with my boxes. Victorian wallpaper designs can often be seen as decoration in casinos and high-end hotels to promote a feeling of opulence. I like the idea of these desert creatures stepping into the opulent! The purpose behind Clark County’s Zap project is to try and eliminate graffiti by giving the community ownership of their utility boxes. When a community sees these boxes as art instead of a metal utility box cover, it is much less likely to be graffiti or vandalized. Since the Zap project commenced, painted boxes have become 85% less likely to be tampered with. Beauty can be a powerful tool within our communities! It was amazing working on this project and the people of Laughlin were very inviting.

The City of Laughlin, NV