Fireside Chats


Fireside Chats is an installation consisting of 14 watercolor tents. Each tent was titled after one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 31 fireside chats to the nation. The drawings were displayed on the wall with the speeches next to them for viewers to read. These famous Roosevelt chats helped unite our nation in times of economic stress and global war. Families would gather round their radio and listen to the voice of President Roosevelt as he talked encouragingly to them, often using beautiful metaphors and stories to help illustrate the countries current situations and his hopes for the future. These chats provided an intimate gathering for family and friends. They also share in the tone and topics people have around their campfires today.
The wilderness offers a peace of mind, the realization that we only need what we can carry, shelter from the storm, and the people we trust. These tents symbolize inventiveness and simplicity. They highlight our ability as Americans to pack up, look forward, and make any place our home.

Courtesy of the artist and various private collectors.
Watercolor on paper, wood, glass, archival paper, and Franklin D. Roosevelt speeches.