I was wild, I was free


I Was Wild, I Was Free is a piece I created for the “Go West” show curated by Jill Dawsey for UMOCA, previously known as the Salt Lake Art Center. I created a complete black bear skeleton made from paper. The individual paper bone shapes were painted in watercolor. I collected soil, rocks, cacti, and other debris from a friend’s ranch in Lake City, Colorado. This is an area where black bears roam abundantly and freely. After the exhibition, all natural elements were returned to their proper home in Colorado.
I Was Wild, I Was Free symbolized many things for me. It serves as a reminder that our remains tell a story. A story about how we lived, who we were, what we did, and how we died. It is one of my favorite pieces. Though as an artist, I’m sure it’s not fair to have favorites.

UMOCA previously known as The Salt Lake Art Center
Watercolor on paper, alpine dirt, rocks, sticks, and native cactus.